Using the Benefits of Another’s Experience and Expertise – Online Business Manager

Starting a business of any kind, anywhere, can be very risky. Starting an online business can be even more risky considering that:1) the online business world is booming2) it is still a relatively new frontier and3) technologies change so quickly it is almost impossible to keep up.Having an online business manager can help fill in the gaps of your own knowledge, keep you headed in the right direction and, most importantly, keep you from having to learn every lesson the hard way.A manager does not have to be your very best friend, but you should be able to connect with him or her, especially in the very beginning- you will need to be able to feel like you can call them at any time with questions and concerns.Look for a manager who has similar tastes, styles and ideals as your own or you may clash repeatedly over the plans you have for your business. Remember, the final decisions are always your own, if you can’t get that concept, perhaps you are not ready to be a business owner. You will not always agree with your manager one hundred percent of the time. Take ideas and suggestions into consideration, but do not take them for law.Always look for a manager who has succeeded in a similar business, especially if your business is online. It is not enough to have business acumen when considering an online business; the game is far different online than it is in the traditional business world. You have to keep pace with the technology as it changes; you need to know how your market place is changing and what the predictions for the next big thing will be. Your methods and strategies will be very different online. Basic concepts may still be in place, but you will still be looking at some very different ways to get your concept brought to life.Managerial skills can be provided not only by someone who is successful in the business world, but familiar with the computer and technology world as well. It is better to consider having a online business manager who is familiar with both, especially considering that: - An old-school online business manager will not be of any help with the new online world, and - A computer and technology expert will not necessarily have any business skills.Finding an online business manager who is a perfect blend of both business skills and computer experience is important, but so is finding one with the right blend of drive and support. You do not want someone who is going to drag his feet or try to slow down and stall every idea. You also do not want someone who is going to try to push you into ideas that you think are too risky to be valuable. The running of your business, and the ultimate decisions that you make, should be yours alone- if you are finding that your online business manager is making far too many of the decisions without consulting you, it may be time to end that relationship and find a new online business manager.  

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